Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning

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Wed Apr 7 22:36:09 CDT 2010

So if anyone is up and around at ~630 AM MDT (1230UTC) this Saturday 
(April 10th), I'm going to be attempting a live mobile video stream with 
a group I work with called Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS). We are going 
to be launching EOSS' 150th high altitude balloon flight, and are going 
to be attempting to stream the launch and recovery live on the internet. 
(note: lanuch and recovery means the camera is on the ground. Live video 
from the balloon is coming, but not on this flight)

The flight is going to be a 3000g balloon (approximately 12 ft diameter 
when launched) carrying 24lbs of payloads built by college students from 
around Colorado as part of the Colorado Space Grant Consortium. Launch 
is from Windsor, CO at 0700 MDT. The balloon will ascend to ~102,000 
feet, burst, and the payload will then descend under parachute. The 
current prediction has the landing at ~0915 MDT near the 
Colorado/Nebraska border, ~90 miles downrange from launch.

The balloon will be carrying an APRS beacon, callsign AE0SS-11, on 
144.340 MHz , as well as a CW DF Beacon on 147.555 MHz.  At apogee, both 
beacons should be copyable throughout Colorado and well into surrounding 

For live video and links to live tracking, visit
If you want more information about EOSS,High Altitude Ballooning, or 
more detailed information about the flight, visit the EOSS web page at

Doug Gentges
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