Green Power may destabilize grid

Mike O'Dell mo at
Thu Apr 8 18:53:09 CDT 2010

actually, the people who drove the "deregulation" of the power industry
were the likes of Enron and other "financial deconstructionists" trying
to abscond with the value created by others.

Nobody who knows anything about the electric grid believed it was
anything other than a scam which was god's gift to the people who
write billing software and people who maniuplate the market.

California's "power crisis" was entirely fabricated by Enron traders.
True, there were conditions in the CA market which made it easier
to conceal the dastardly deeds with willful misdirection
(aka fraud and obstruction of justice), but the situation would likely
not have tipped over at all, and certainly not as violently, if it
were not for the active manipulation by "energy traders" at Enron.


On 4/8/10 5:49 PM, Tom Azlin N4ZPT wrote:
> Agree. Though seems I remember that when states deregulated the power
> industry they seemed to have the idea was there was money to be made in
> the network separate from generation. So power companies were trying to
> unload generation and keep the transmission.
> to answer your question, no one will make the investment until the grid
> completely falls apart and we have local blackouts all Summer long.
> And on the transshipping of power, how does Virginia Power get green
> power if they do not buy it from wind farms or such?
> 73, Tom n4zpt
> andre kesteloot wrote:
>> Tom Azlin N4ZPT wrote:
>>> Seems like the grid does have that problem with a conventional plant
>>> getting cut off just as often. But perhaps the idea of transshipping
>>> "green" power across the county just makes it worse.
>> transshipping?
>> Large portions of our grid are already running warm.
>> And who will make the necessary investment in an additional
>> high-voltage line, when there is no money to be made -- since
>> deregulation, I believe-- in transporting electricity ?
>> The money --if any-- in currently in the generation of power
>> 73
>> André N4ICK
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