Philips:a 60 watt LED bulb

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Before I shell out $50 for a 40W lamp I'd like a guarantee that it is
actually going to last as long as they say and have the refund escalated for
inflation and include shipping cost. I've dropped a bundle on name-brand
CFLs that don't last as long as an incandescent and cost more to replace
under warranty than the cost of buying a new CFL.


By the way, I don't think the 17 year rating for the GE lamp is 148,920
hours so it is unfair to compare it to the Philips. Typically, bulb life
rated in years is based on "normal household usage" of 3 hours per day. On
that basis, the Philips last 20 years not 3 years.


73 Karl W4KRL

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