Philips:a 60 watt LED bulb

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Wed Apr 14 14:03:02 CDT 2010

> I've dropped a bundle on name-brand CFLs that don't 
> last as long as an incandescent and cost more to replace 
> under warranty than the cost of buying a new CFL.

Since CFL's are now down to $1 each, I don't even fuss anymore
when they fail.  All my failures have occurred within the first
10 seconds.  If they last longer than that, then they are good
longer than I will ever remember.

I used to mark the date on the base of each one when I installed
it, but now that hassle is not even worth the $1 cost of simply
replacing it.  Though I wo uld like to see my own statistics...
But got lazy and now don't mark them anymore...

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