there oughta be a web site....

Mike O'Dell mo at
Thu Apr 15 23:19:59 CDT 2010

what will all the reviews available comparing
various radios, what i've never seen is a site
rating vehicles as to suitability and ease of
mobile radio installation.

obviously you can put any radio in any vehicle
(within reason) if you don't mind how many holes
you drill in what parts, or, in the case of
a recent article on CQ, if you are willing to
remove all the seats except the driver to make
room for radios, amplifiers, etc, etc.
and there's a truck with an antenna farm just
short of a mobile curtain array.

but one would think this would be useful information
for hams thinking of buying a new vehicle, if for
no other reason than to winnow away the complete

at least something collecting stories of installations
that went well and those that went, uh, otherwise.

has anyone seen anything like this??


"Of course it's hard!
If it was easy, we'd be buying it from somebody else!"

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