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>Subject: Re: there oughta be a web site....
>I haven't seen a site that deals with fitting antennas into a 
>variety of cars, but
>don't forget the Yahoo groups (and Wikis, and others I'm sure)that 
>deal with particular
>types of car.
>When I bought my last car (which admittedly was a while ago) I faced 
>the same problem.
>Posted the question to the Yahoo group dealing with Toyotas that is 
>populated by users
>like me but also by a variety of shop mechanics, dealer techs and 
>others with a lot more
>knowledge of cars than I will ever possess.  Got an answer from one 
>of them (who just
>happened to be a ham) that answered my question.  Why was: Where can 
>I run the wires
>without frying the electronics?
>Been running the rig wired that way for years now.  No problems.
>I imagine questions about mounting the antenna could be answered similarly.
>At 12:19 AM 4/16/2010, you wrote:
>>what will all the reviews available comparing
>>various radios, what i've never seen is a site
>>rating vehicles as to suitability and ease of
>>mobile radio installation.
>>obviously you can put any radio in any vehicle
>>(within reason) if you don't mind how many holes
>>you drill in what parts, or, in the case of
>>a recent article on CQ, if you are willing to
>>remove all the seats except the driver to make
>>room for radios, amplifiers, etc, etc.
>>and there's a truck with an antenna farm just
>>short of a mobile curtain array.
>>but one would think this would be useful information
>>for hams thinking of buying a new vehicle, if for
>>no other reason than to winnow away the complete
>>at least something collecting stories of installations
>>that went well and those that went, uh, otherwise.
>>has anyone seen anything like this??
>>         -mo
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>>If it was easy, we'd be buying it from somebody else!"
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