Smart Grid Proof?

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Sun May 2 14:20:33 CDT 2010

Well off the top of my head I can think of a few that don't involve AMR:

1. Monitor THD on an MV to LV transformer so you can figure out when the 
thing's about to fry before cooling oil starts boiling and it's too 
late.  This is a bigger deal in Europe where these things feed 100-200 
2. Watch for faults on MV and LV and notify operation center of the 
problem before phone calls start rolling in.  Saves time and with a good 
GIS makes service restoration faster.
3. Locate high impedance faults before whatever it is that's causing 
them catches fire and really makes life miserable for the locals.
4. Provide Volt/VAR to optimize power transfer during peak AND non-peak 
5. Monitor currents remotely on three-phase feeders to make sure the 
system truly is balanced - important if you don't want to install new 
lines where you don't have to.

This is the stuff you don't hear about because it's basic and boring, 
and doesn't require too much hand waving or a superabundance of Power 
Point slides.  Nor should they be paranoia-inducing.


Mike O'Dell wrote:
> it would be useful if the "smart grid" guys could
> explain what problem they are solving in any detail,
> along with why they believe they can actually solve it
> using the technologies they are flaunting, without
> waving their hands fast enough to create Mach diamonds.
> without distributed energy storage technology,
> the best they can accomplish is a bit of peak shaving,
> and for most utilities, that actually matters only
> a few days a year. plus, the overall "savings" is very
> small and hard to recoup.
> what it *does* do, however, is give them lots
> more information with which to raise billing rates.
> you can look forward to electric bills that are
> as complex and incomprehensible as the one you
> get for your cellphone. and all the cost involved
> in getting you that new bill that makes no sense?
> it goes directly into the rate-base, so they pass
> that cost along. so you give them money that they
> spend on things so they can charge you more.
> ain't that a sweet deal?
>     -mo
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>> Gee, I hope not!
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>>> Sniff, sniff, sniff.
>>> Aha! I recognize that smell.
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