AMRAD Hamvention 2010

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Sat May 8 16:11:24 CDT 2010

147.21 simplex is about as good as any 2 meter frequency at 
Hamvention. The repeater is in Troy and is about 15 miles away and 
not heavily used. As long as we stay on the output (147.21) and only 
use HTs there will be no problem.

At 04:16 PM 5/8/2010, Frank Gentges wrote:
>We have used 147.21 simplex.  However, there is a local repeater 
>that we interfere with at times.  We should find something better.
>Frank K0BRA
>On 5/8/2010 12:25 PM, Mike O'Dell wrote:
>>is there still an AMRAD Hamfest Rendezvous Seekrit Frequency?
>>On 5/8/10 11:01 AM, Frank Gentges wrote:
>>>AMRAD will be at Hamvention this year.  We have club spots at the same
>>>spaces as last year. We will also have a Friday evening cookout at Skips
>>>as before. We expect some special guests so it will be extra special.
>>>Watch for Skip's email on the cookout details.
>>>Drop by and rest.
>>>Drop off your purchases
>>>Drop by and have a chat with others.
>>>Arrange to meet others
>>>Our spot is 4019
>>>Frank K0BRA
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