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you can get it but you need to pay extra. If the FCC gets its way, and
that seems inevitable now, you will be able to get your way on the
Internet no matter how much traffic you use, and the ISP has to cover
it. I can’t help but think this the wrong way to go in expanding the
<p>The FCC seems to be afraid of business, except for Google, Yahoo,
and Microsoft, which really favor net neutrality for their own
purposes. They want the rewards but none of the costs associated with
building out the Internet infrastructure and maintaining it to provide
the 100-Mbit/s links to every U.S. home that are part of the FCC&#8217;s
broadband agenda.</p>
<p>The FCC&#8217;s plans will hurt carriers and could, or probably will, slow
or kill off future investment in their networks, not to mention new job
opportunities. And that seems to conflict with what the FCC says it
wants to achieve with its broadband plan.</p>
<p>This isn&#8217;t one of those deals where you can write your Congressional
representative and hope to get the vote to go your way. The best you
can do is to try to make a good argument for your case and file your
formal comments with the FCC. Maybe you shouldn&#8217;t waste your time, but
if the FCC gets enough negative feedback, it could rethink or modify
its decision.</p>
<p>Perhaps the ISPs will win in court. Otherwise, it will seem like the
1996 Telecom Act all over again, and that legislation did nothing but
confuse the industry and delay technological innovation. Let&#8217;s hope the
industry will continue to muddle through and the venture capitalists
will still invest.</p>
<p>Do you want net neutrality? Send me your thoughts, and be specific.
I&#8217;m generally against new regulation, especially if we can&#8217;t identify
the problems that it will solve, how it benefits us as consumers, and
what impact it will have on our employers. But I am open to new ideas.</p>
<p>Will regulation solve our current problems, whatever they are? Or is
the government simply grabbing power by positioning its plans as a
solution for perceived future problems that may never occur? Let me
know what you think.</p>
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