Electronic Design: Chronic Over-Regulation: Get Ready For Net Neutrality

Mike O'Dell mo at 131.ccr.org
Thu May 13 15:27:30 CDT 2010

anything that seems to restrict the abilities of bloated monopolies
to fight over the right to pick the customer's pocket is deemed
to be "chronic over-regulation".

*all* the "carriers" rat-bastards of the first water and would just
as soon sell their grandmother as look at her
if they thought they could make a farthing and 
the lawyers could get them out of it.

there is a very clever game of Newspeak going on here around the
word "competition" and it goes back to my first paragraph.

to a consumer, "competition" means multiple suppliers trying to
curry favor with the customers by providing a superior value

the carriers use the word "competition" to mean that they have
been afforded their divine right to try and pick the consumers
clean to the bone without the meddling of other companies
with the same idea.

as for what "common carrier" status means, it turns out to be
pretty funny.

a common carrier provides "carriage" for goods or services
and they are required to register and post the price list for their
services with the Federal Trade Commission. that posting
must be kept up to date and notice must be given that rates
are going to change.  moreover, for any particular common
carrier, *everyone buys off the same price list* for the same service.
different common carriers can charge vastly different prices
for the same service, but they cannot distinguish the price they
charge for a service based on the customer.

*That* is what "common carrier status" is all about.
in particular, it was created to prevent various forms of
collusion, back-door-dealing, and aiding and abetting
monopolization in the shadows.

it's hard to see how such requirements are construed as
particularly "onerous", unless one was hoping to cut
deals like that.  and as for the postings, well, now that
we have this Internet thing, the posting requirement
doesn't even require "printing" anymore.

Having rules in a game does not constitute a perjorative
use of the word "regulate", nor does the requirement that
everyone in the same game play by the same, NON-SECRET

i have seen far too much, far too closely to let this BS slide
by unchallenged.  the fact the USG didn't sue the ILECs into
the next reality because of visciously anticompetitive tactics
made it clear to me the fix was in, big-time. it will be
interesting to see just how loud the pigs squeal and in
what octave. (deep ultrasonic, at least)


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