A BPL Interference Contest!

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at amrad.org
Wed Jun 9 10:40:52 CDT 2010

Thanks to Dave, NM0S, for passing the link along.

Our UK friends can enter a contest:

"The EMCIA have announced a contest to identify the interference range
of Power Line Telecommunications - otherwise known as PLC or BPL."

"Entrants are to demonstrate the detection of interference emission
from a single installation comprising 2 to 4 eligible PLAs at the
greatest possible distance. There will be two awards;
* LDX; The ?long-distance? prize. In choosing the winner of this the
  judges will also take account of the Contest
  Objectives and technical excellence.
* MTY; The ?most typical? prize. This will be awarded to the entrant
  whose detection distance is closest to the
  arithmetic average of the detection distances of all accepted

PLAs: Power Line Adaptors

Perhaps "The W4CIA" can promote a similar contest for U.S. based

73 de aa4hs,

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