SDR on iPhone

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Fri Jun 11 22:31:43 CDT 2010

wb4jfi wrote:
> Yes, that's the Belkin adaptor.  I bought mine from eSpot Deals, which 
> is in Lanham, MD.  It was about $20 including free shipping.
just bought one too. $17.99 including shipping :
> stet the name?  What's that, iPhone speak for send?
I can't remember, but possibly so. In any case, I can neither confirm or 
deny :-)
> It's name is iSDR (very imaginative).  Just search iTunes for iSDR, or 
> SDR, in the apps section, it should come up.  His web site is 
> I think.  
will look it up
> Did I guess right on stet?
What was the question again? I have been trained not to talk under duress

Thanks again
André N4ICK

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