Remarkable Space Station Sky Show

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at
Sat Jun 26 18:51:43 CDT 2010

Dear Richard

Thanks for the Heads-Up on this. I have never seen the ISS at its  
present brightness of magnitude -4.0, and, having had a hot, sunny  
day and a hazy-but-clear sky after dark, Caroline and I went out into  
the garden fifteen minutes ago to watch the show. (AMRADers with  
iPhones, if you haven't yet purchased the "Flyby"  
app, do so.)

Not only were we treated to the amazingly bright white spot of the  
ISS serenely drifting overhead, but, just after it reached its  
zenith, its orbit was briefly crossed by the biggest and brightest  
meteor that I have ever seen - and I did a lot of meteor watching  
when I was a kid. A bright orange fireball with a long sparkling tail  
- amazing.

So, once again, thanks!


Phil M1GWZ

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