Quisk saga continues

Terry Fox tfox at knology.net
Sat Jul 3 00:29:34 CDT 2010

I've been conversing with James Ahlstrom about how best to add the 
Charleston Receiver to Quisk.  Rather than kludge Quisk up, Jim 
preferred to move existing SDR-IQ support to separate files, which he 
finished yesterday.  Today, I looked at those files, and after four 
hours, was able to get the Charleston Receiver working within his new 
design.  I plan to clean it up tomorrow, and add some things.  Then I 
will put it up on the AMRAD web site for others to download.

As a reminder, Quisk runs under Linux (I use Ubuntu 10.04LTS now), and 
is written in Python and C.  It also needs access to the standard USB 
library, for interfacing to the Digilent Nexys2 board.  It does NOT need 
any special Digilent USB drivers under Linux.  Quisk is easier to 
compile and use than GNU Radio, and results in a much nicer and easier 
GUI than GNU Radio.

There are still some outstanding issues to resolve.  I typically run at 
only 192k samples right now, due to some underrun and FFT errors.  Also, 
the FIR filters for the 8201 DDC chip are set much higher right now 
(480k?), we need someone to calculate new FIR filter tables.  But, this 
version should be very useful anyway.


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