low cost 10 meter rig

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Tue Jul 6 11:49:09 CDT 2010

back 25 years ago when Techs first got a sliver of voice on 10m HF,
there was a spurt of cheap 10m-only SSB rigs that popped-up.
I know 'cause I bought one. in fact, my first HF QSO was DX -
Japan on 10m with a mag-mount 10m stick on my car! (2 solar cycles ago!)

Uniden and clones (President?) were pretty thick and cheap.
I suspect they shared a *lot* of circuitry with the SSB CB radios
made by the same suspects.

i have that radio *somewhere* and would be happy to loan it out
if i can find it (no promises). maybe there are a few more mouldering
in basements?


On 7/6/10 7:50 AM, Bill Liles wrote:
> Folks, the new techs hams can use the old novice and tech HF spectrum.
>   I am trying to find a low cost way for these new hams to get onto 10
> meter SSB.  Does anyone have any ideas?  There are some 10 meter kits
> available but still expensive.
> Most of the high school students I run into have computers.  Is there
> a cheap SDR option of using their computer for most of the processing?
> I find that some kids get the tech license and all they ever find out
> about is 2 meter repeaters and give it up.  I want to help their
> interest grow.
> Thoughts?
> Bill NQ6Z
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