Quisk for Charleston Receiver now on AMRAD web site

Terry Fox tfox at knology.net
Tue Jul 6 15:29:02 CDT 2010

I was able to add the Quisk for the Charleston SDR Receiver to the AMRAD 
web site.  It's under SDR/DSP. then follow the Charleston receiver 
link.  It will be in the middle of that page, including a screen capture 
of the program.  Quisk was written by Jim Ahlstron, N2ADR, on Linux, and 
is in a mixture of C and Python.

This version is my first.  It runs reliably, but has a few things yet to 
fix.  For example, the two FIR filters in the 8201 are not programmed 
with the correct coefficients for 192k, as I could not calculate them at 
the time, (and lacked the properly-programmed gray matter to do 
myself).  John Schwacke has come through once again, however, and sent 
me some Matlab/Octave code that does calculate these coefficients.  I 
plan to add a few coefficient tables to the code for some decimation 
rates, and select the proper ones during hardware initialization.


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