very interesting circuit ideas.....

Mike O'Dell mo at
Sun Jul 11 10:01:55 CDT 2010

if you'd like to see some very interesting receiver circuits,
check out


several of the ideas could be germane to SDR projects.

there are some topologies there that i've never seen in
"western" radio schematics. the BandPassFilter modules
are particularly interesting. i can't remember ever having
seen a filter like those.

the grounded-grid high-power JFET pre-amp circuit is
particularly curious, at least to me.

the chops and dedication of the home-brewers there is
quite remarkable. check out the modular assemblies built
entirely from PCB material.

just as an aside, over the years, i've hand the opportunity to
see some russian/soviet technology and i've always been surprised
by the novelty (to my eyes) of some part of it. it's refreshing
to get a very different view of "usual practice" which looks
nothing like you are used to seeing.


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If it was easy, we'd just buy it from somebody else!"

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