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Tue Jul 13 09:20:47 CDT 2010


I have a Canon FT, SLR, which uses the type 625 mercury battery.  I 
found one seller that has a zinc-air battery that has very similar 
voltage but.....

The zinc-air is activated by pulling a little piece of tape off the cell 
that lets air in to start the chemistry.  I do not think the cell lasts 
very long once activated.

Batteries Plus is selling a Duracell photo battery type PX625ABPK which 
lists as fitting Canon cameras.

Rob found a site selling a type PR44 cell with a machined adapter to fit 
where the 625 used to fit.  I kinda like this as it solves the problem 
forever more.

I am going by my favorite battery store, Walmart, and see what they have.

So many choices......

Frank K0BRA

On 7/13/2010 9:15 AM, Tom Azlin N4ZPT wrote:
> NRAO ???
> I have an old Cannon SLR film camera and lenses. Perhaps I will dust 
> them off and make sure they are working. Hope to not have a problem 
> finding the battery!
> 73, tom n4zpt
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>> Note the part about cameras.
>> Sandy
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