Ten technologies that should be extinct (but aren't)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 13 14:48:46 CDT 2010

> I know that GSM had the cell broadcast 
> functionality, which popped up little 
> messages in Europe as I travelled around. 
> Is there an equivalent in the CDMA/EV-DO 
> world?

But there is in Ham radio... APRS.  

As you drive anywhre in the country, On the front panel of your
APRS radio all kinds of local info should pop up:

1) Locally recommended travelrs voice repeater (and tone)
2) Local club weekly net times
3) Local club monthly meeting time
4) Local Echolink or IRLP node freq, loc, tone, ##'s etc
5) Any nets in progress,
6) Any meetings or events..


APRS was never a "tracking" system.  It is a mobile information
resource about everything going on around you in Ham Radio.

See www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

Bob, Wb4APR

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