Camera batteries (Was: Green Bank)

Richard Barth rbarth at
Sat Jul 24 21:44:58 CDT 2010

There has been some discussion of buying batteries for old film 
cameras.  My own experience...

I have a late-60s Minolta SRT-101 that I used until I got my digital 
a few years ago.
It had been sitting unused since, and the battery was dead, as you 
might expect.  The
manufacturer had carefully neglected to put the type number on the 
battery itself, and I
have no idea where the manual is.

Off to Ritz Camera.  They had no clue, and no batteries.  They did 
have a very useful
suggestion: Batteries Plus, which happened to be right down the road.

Off to Batteries Plus.  Showed them the battery.  Sales clerk says 
something like "Old camera, huh?"  Yup.  Whereupon he walks over to 
the rack, pulls off a card, and for about 3 1/2 bucks
I'm back in the 35mm photo business.

For those still looking to revive their film cameras, this might help.


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