Camera batteries (Was: Green Bank)

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Mon Jul 26 14:11:48 CDT 2010

Thanks for the warning, Sandy.  My camera has a "bttery check" 
position in which the exposure  meter needle deflects to show the 
battery voltage. (It hardly twitched when I checked the battery that 
was in the camera when I dug it out, and moved to the same place as 
always with the new cell.)

Anyway, I plan on running a test roll through the camera before going 
to GB, so I'll see whether I have problem and if so, can talk to Frank.

Tbanks again.  Interesting reference.


At 12:38 AM 7/25/2010, wb5mmb wrote:
>Dick, unless it is a zinc air cell and you had to pull a sealing tab 
>off it. You got an alkaline cell that is 1.5 volts not the 1.35 
>volts the camera needs and your exposure can be 2 f stops off. I 
>hear Frank has a large stock of 675 zinc air cells that should fit 
>with the use of a spacer.
>      Sandy
>At 10:44 PM 7/24/2010, Richard Barth wrote:
>>There has been some discussion of buying batteries for old film 
>>cameras.  My own experience...
>>I have a late-60s Minolta SRT-101 that I used until I got my 
>>digital a few years ago.
>>It had been sitting unused since, and the battery was dead, as you 
>>might expect.  The
>>manufacturer had carefully neglected to put the type number on the 
>>battery itself, and I
>>have no idea where the manual is.
>>Off to Ritz Camera.  They had no clue, and no batteries.  They did 
>>have a very useful
>>suggestion: Batteries Plus, which happened to be right down the road.
>>Off to Batteries Plus.  Showed them the battery.  Sales clerk says 
>>something like "Old camera, huh?"  Yup.  Whereupon he walks over to 
>>the rack, pulls off a card, and for about 3 1/2 bucks
>>I'm back in the 35mm photo business.
>>For those still looking to revive their film cameras, this might help.
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