NRAO field trip

Tom Azlin N4ZPT n4zpt at
Tue Aug 3 08:53:27 CDT 2010

thanks Paul. I will toss in my bike and my check book!  and try to be on 
the road by 6AM. 73, tom n4zpt

On 8/3/2010 8:28 AM, Paul L Rinaldo wrote:
> To those going on the field trip to NRAO in Green Bank, WV.

>>  8) The observatory is quite isolated, and there are very limited services in
>>  the area. There is a small country grocery store with gas station, a
>>  convenience store with gas station, and two small sit-down restaurants within
>>  2 or 3 miles of the observatory. The visitor's center has a small food service
>>  facility, and there is a staff cafeteria on site which I will try to get
>>  permission for all of us to eat at. The visitor's center is open all day,
>>  while the cafeteria is only open for specified windows for breakfast, lunch,
>>  and dinner. (12 - 1 for lunch, 5-6:30 for dinner, can't recall breakfast hours).

Will bring my travel fridge for meds and snacks. Would be nice to be 
able to eat at the staff cafeteria. I saw on the SARA list that the 
conference attendees were able to use the staff cafeteria. So I hope 
that works out.

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