Loran C off the air

Richard Barth rbarth at tidalwave.net
Sun Aug 8 23:56:18 CDT 2010

Right you are, Tom.  The demise of Loran was a hot issue long before 
I retired, and that was five years ago.  Those who looked at the 
problem logically thought it was lousy idea, and those whose only 
objective was saving a few bucks didn't worry about the possible 
consequences. It was almost shut down while I was still working, but 
managed to survive that attack.  This time it lost.


At 09:37 PM 8/8/2010, Tom Azlin N4ZPT wrote:
>I thought shutting down Loran was a debate that long proceeded 
>Obama. But then I guess who ever is currently president gets blamed 
>for everything that goes wrong and nothing that goes right.
>On 8/8/2010 8:33 PM, Chip Fetrow wrote:
>>I am on two other lists where this has been discussed to death.
>>On the "broadcast list" there were a lot of comments about some Sun
>>effects taking out ALL of the GPS satellites.
>>On another list, heavily populated by pilots, and some smart people, it
>>is the same.
>>I think it is the second most bone-head play by Obama, and it saves VERY
>>We had already off-loaded the non US chains to other countries, who are
>>now paying to maintain them.
>>The thing is, I used to use LORAN-A and LORAN-C in my car before GPS,
>>and actually after GPS was started because I was a GPS user when my
>>"hand held" unit was huge, only displayed Lat-Long, and the only
>>waypoint was MOB, for Man Over Board. OH, and it ate EIGHT C-Cells in
>>There were two major users, the airlines and ships at sea. Most
>>airliners removed them years ago, once GPS was approved for in-route
>>navigation, mostly for weight and panel space reasons. Of course,
>>LORAN-C was not nearly as useful, or useable on aircraft as LORAN-A,
>>with the former being Long-Wave requiring very long antennas, and
>>LORAN-A being Medium-Wave.
>>I'm sure there are many on THIS list who know more than I.
>>On Aug 8, 2010, at 1:00 PM, tacos-request at amrad.org wrote:
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>>>Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 18:15:21 -0400
>>>From: "Mike O'Dell" <mo at 131.ccr.org>
>>>Subject: Re: Loran C off the air
>>>i fear that the Stupid Tax payments arising from that
>>>incomrephensible decision are going to be staggering
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