Loran C off the air

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Tue Aug 10 09:45:40 CDT 2010

Alex Fraser <beatnic at comcast.net> writes:

> The Loran C issue?  Get out of here!  That is a non issue. If there is
> anything we should be talking about on this list, that is political and kind
> of affects hams it would be net neutrality.  I'd be interested in hearing all
> FCC political gossip.

Listening to hams talk about net neutrality is like listening to CBers
talk about radio theory.  If there was some sort of purpose to the
discussion, like raising people's level of understanding of the issues
at hand above the Popular Mechanics level, I suppose it could be
mildly interesting.

On the other hand, precise timing and frequency sources are something
about which every ham whose skill level rises above that of "appliance
operator" ought to care.  Thinning out the bouquet of available
sources to save a drop in the federal bucket is unwise and

Will you feel the same way about some future announcement regarding
shutdown of WWV, WWVH, and WWVB as you do about the shutdown of
LORAN-C?  Because that day is coming...


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