World Time Standard

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Wed Aug 11 19:01:43 CDT 2010

Frank Gentges <metavox at> writes:

> They need to do more than flashy lights and giant dials to become the
> world standard of time.  How about a rack load collection of surplus
> rubidium standards and some motorcycle batteries?

You're missing understanding of a core element of the culture in that
part of the world: _inshallah_

If an escalator or a car that has not been maintained breaks down, it
is because God willed it, not because the people who own it have
failed to care for it properly.

Likewise, the clock will be correct _inshallah_.  There is no need for
expensive time standards and the like.  You'll have the opportunity to
set your watch five times a day anyway...


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