Charleston Build #2

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Fri Aug 13 08:12:15 CDT 2010


I really like this idea.  We can get together Sunday and talk things over.

We can have some people familiar with the process come up and act as 
guides to describe the project and keep the onlookers from disturbing 
people working on their receivers.  We have some time to plan all this out.


On 8/12/2010 11:53 PM, n3sb at wrote:
> Hi Frank;
> Glad to hear you'll be at the Tailgate Fest this Sunday. I want to 
> chat with you about the Charleston Build plans for Westminster.
> One idea would be to do the build at the Mason Dixon Hamfest in 
> October. It might be an interesting activity for the hamfest visitors 
> to see. We've got the space for it. The potential downside is that the 
> visitors shuffling in and out might be too much of a disturbance or 
> distraction depending on how delicate the process is. Maybe we could 
> have some of the assembly steps pre-staged so that we're demonstrating 
> techniques - kinda like how cooking shows put one dish in the oven and 
> pull another one out already baked. Anyway, its just a thought.
> I told the guys in the CCARC that there was going to be a build 
> sometime here in / near Westminster a couple months ago. They've been 
> pestering me ever since - lots of interest in seeing how it's done!
> 73; Steve, N3SB
> Quoting Frank Gentges <metavox at>:
>> Charleston Builders,
>> We will do a group build in the next few weeks in Westminster MD but 
>> do not have a date just yet.  We will be at the Carrol County hamfest 
>> next Sunday, August 15th and will have a little table in the tailgate 
>> area. There were a number of people in the Westminster area 
>> interested in a build session around there.  If those interested 
>> would come by about 11 AM we can talk amongst ourselves and see when 
>> and where we might do this.  I will bring the parts, stencil and 
>> solder paste, reflow oven and some microscopes to do the assembly.
>> We are going to build Charleston receivers on this coming Saturday, 
>> August 14th at our Dulles, VA lab. Let me know if you will attend by 
>> email so I can plan our build session.
>> We also have the receivers from the first build debugged and ready to 
>> be picked up.  If you paid for a Nexsys II board, those can also be 
>> picked up.
>> The plan is to start around 10AM on Saturday and to build the 
>> receiver boards in groups of 5 at a time.  Don't worry if your a bit 
>> late as we cannot get them all done at once.
>> The lab is at:
>> Metavox LLC
>> 45915 Maries RD
>> Suite 140
>> Dulles VA  20166.
>> If you are heading West on Route 7, turn South on Cascades Parkway 
>> and proceed one block past Nokes Rd to Maries Rd.  Turn West on 
>> Maries and you will see a complex of commercial buildings in one block.
>> One of the buildings is much longer than the rest.  The front half of 
>> that building is a race car track and you will see the numbers 45916 
>> up on the corner.  We are at the far end of that building in Suite 
>> 140. You should see our big van with the pneumatic mast out front.  
>> We should be inside.
>> I have a bunch of diet Coke and a refrigerator of ice.  We will have 
>> some pizza for lunch along with some snacks for the day.
>> If you have not sent money yet, please bring it along and we will 
>> collect it and check you off our list.
>> I am also sending this message to tacos so some of you may see it 
>> twice.   AMRADers, TJers, VWSers and others are welcome to come out 
>> and see what is going on and how we are building these little surface 
>> mount boards.  We have a toaster oven modified into a reflow solder 
>> oven with a nifty controller.
>> If anyone has a stereo microscope, tweezers, etc., bring them along 
>> as we can use these for placing parts.
>> We will have more build sessions later on so this is not going to be 
>> the last one.  We had some interest in putting on a build session in 
>> New Jersey when we were at the Toms River Hamfest last Sunday so we 
>> need to get some people and plans for that session.  If you are 
>> interested, let me know so I can put together a list.
>> Frank Gentges K0BRA

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