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Fri Aug 13 12:05:48 CDT 2010

On Aug 13, 2010, at 12:54 PM, Patirck Strasser wrote:

> schrieb Richard O'Neill am 2010-08-13 16:15:
>> Joseph Bento wrote:
>>> the moss is supposed to grow thicker [...]
>> / Make that the North side. Moss prefers low light levels[...]
>> / Yes, I've seen moss completely surround a tree[...]
> What I've learned is that at a tree the weather side - the direction where wind is blowing from most of the time - is more moist and the opposing side is dry. For a bonfire you'd collect the dry ones of course.
> Additionally wind comes from the weather side, resulting in slightly bent trees in exposed locations. You can easily see that in the growth of trees.
> For moss, I think it was: moss likes wet, so you find it on the weather side.
> Weather side is NW in our part of Europe, but this may be different in other parts of the world. South of the equator it's presumably SW, following the rules of Coriolis force.
> One other method to find roughly south is to compare the time and the direction towards sun. If you do not have a clock, you can estimate the time by the height of the sun, time of year, your positions rough latitude, and of course if its am or pm ;-)
>>> I think I'd rather trust the pole star.
>> /Me too./ :-)
> I always like to have an idea to find a rough direction when celestial navigation is not available, like with bad weather or in a forest.

Out here in the country, you can always get a sense of direction by looking at how all the DBS satellite dishes are pointed, even when there are clouds hiding the stars. :-)


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