IRLP from here in Charleston?

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Tue Aug 17 08:42:00 CDT 2010

"Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at> writes:

> I'm curious...
> Why IRLP?
> Why not Echolink which requires no special hardware?

Because the quality of Echolink (be-doop, other people's repeater IDs,
lids with no license) is not enforced to nearly the extent that it is
for IRLP.  Further feedback inline:

>> 1.  Can I run the IRLP with the computer directly?  Maybe 
>> fake the COS,
>> and just do my own sound in & out (no actual radios)?  Seems
> doable.

Can, yes.  May, no.  This is expressly forbidden in their contract
last I looked.

>> 2.  If not, could I hook up a small radio (with COS mod) to
> act as the
>> "node" radio (maybe into a dummy load), and use a second HT 
>> to actually
>> talk/listen?

This is expressly encouraged, last I looked (the radio part, not the
dummy load part).  This is how Randy's node in Idaho Falls worked -
simplex, no repeater.

>> 3.  I assume from reading the IRLP info that full-dux 
>> (repeater) is not
>> required.  What hassles are involved in simplex use?

Exactly the same problems with waiting for the tail to drop that you
run into if you use a cross band repeater in your car.

>> 4.  Any legal issues with items 2 & 3 above?  What freqs 
>> would be legal?
>> 2M and/or 440?

440 is preferred due to congestion on 2m.  If you want to go all-in,
put 'er on 900 and have it be private by obscurity.  :-)

>> 5.  What do the IRLP folks have to say about simplex 
>> operation and/or no
>> actual radio?

See above.

>> 6.  Would I need local coordination of a freq for just me?  Is
> that a
>> repeater pair, or just simplex, and how is simplex
> coordination done?

No harm could possibly come from coordinating.  The SNP is available
for experimental use and could prove fine for QRPp into a dummy load
around the house, particularly with CTCSS or DTS.  But "do I have to
coordinate" is a question properly reserved for
(which is your local equivalent of TMARC).

I would say generally that 440 is smooth sailing, 220 even more so,
and 2m you really want to coordinate.  There may not even be any slots
available on 2m.  But that's my guess, and I'm not a repeater maven.

>> 7.  How about if I added someone else (maybe Mel) who lives 
>> only a mile
>> away?  I believe I know the answer to this one... yes if any
> radiation
>> involved.

Not if you're still on the SNP pair.

>> 8.  Is it worth it?  If I make a few-hundred dollar investment
> to do
>> this, are there enough AMRAD people still on the repeater?

I mean well in terms of getting a radio in my car...  but I generally
hang out on 147.300, not the AMRAD repeater.

>> 9.  Any thing else that I'm missing?

The AMRAD Tacos Teleporter so that you can make a quick trip up here
every Saturday.

>> I'd like to catch up with you guys, but I want to be sure it's
>> doable/worthwhile before putting the time and money into this.

I would say that generally IRLP is worthwhile and once I have the
house dealt with it's on my to-do list.


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