IRLP, Charleston Quisk

Terry Fox tfox at
Sat Aug 21 19:27:41 CDT 2010

Thanks for all the feedback regarding IRLP (and Echolink).  I think I'm 
going to shelve the idea for now.  Several people suggested looking at 
Echolink, but there are two issues there: 1) no Echolink on the AMRAD 
machine, which is my target, and 2) Some who have actually used Echolink 
to any extent, kind of warned me away from it.  I'm going to regroup, as 
the only reason I wanted to do this is to come up on 147.21 in the DC area.

Also, I just put a complete tarball of Quisk 3.4.8, with the Charleston 
mods, on the AMRAD web site.  James Ahlstrom gave me permission to put 
Quisk there, so the process is simplified.  No need to go to pypi for 
Quisk, then download the Charleston software, then combine them.  I 
simply made a tarball of my working Quisk 3.4.8 directory.  As such, it 
has some extra files, but that should not matter.

Terry, WB4JFI

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