Schumann Resonance Receiver

Frank Gentges Metavox LLC metavox at
Mon Aug 23 01:01:15 CDT 2010


Back when we were looking into LF systems, George Lemaster brought up 
Schumann Resonance and an article by Scott Fusare, N2BJW.

Meanwhile we have been looking into a number of things while things were 
advancing on this front.

Today, I just happened to look into Schumann Resonance to see what might 
have been going on.  There is an interesting web site on it at

With careful construction, a 100 gigaohm resistor and a stainless steel 
ball, it appears you can  build a suitable receiver of your very own.

Once you get it working you can observe the Schumann Resonance.  After 
that, ......

Frank K0BRA

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