AMRAD Van now in Colorado

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Mon Aug 23 15:00:19 CDT 2010


The new owner of the AMRAD van is an active ham in Colorado and is 
looking to VHF contesting etc.

He flew into Northern Virginia this past Thursday and picked up the van.

He drove Friday, the first day to St. Louis.  Saturday, he drove on to 
his home outside Denver.  The only problem was that the heat in Kansas 
was 100 to 105 degrees and there were several times the engine stopped 
from vapor lock.  After a few minutes of cooling down, it was on the 
road again.  On the high desert and the mountains of Colorado, it may 
need some specialized attention to correct the vapor lock problem.  
Mechanics in Colorado know about this problem and how to prevent it.

While we enjoyed having it for the past several years we also enjoyed 
seeing another ham take it on for his own use. A huge thanks to members 
that spent many hours and money getting the van into the shape we had 
gotten it.

The eBay process selects out the high bidder but in this case also found 
a most deserving ham as the new owner.  We could not ask for more.

We want to move on to our ongoing and new projects while closing this 
chapter of our work.

Frank K0BRA

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