First BPL, Then the Grid, and now MY GRID

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Sun Aug 22 21:30:01 CDT 2010


I am not sure how it works but it seems to smell of RF on a little grid plate.  We will learn more as time passes.

It looks like a nifty idea and cordless charging for all your portable cell phones, etc.

See what Duracell has cooked up.  I see you can buy it at Radioshack except they are not showing it at their web site yet.

Will they have a mobile version for my car?

Is it an LF signal that couples to the Power Sleeve or Power Clip?

We found a watch that was charged on a little stand at night with VLF signals on coils that charged the battery,  This seems to be a more general type of charging solution using similar methods that suggest E fields rather than H fields.


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