Interesting musical group, and their Tesla instruments

Terry Fox tfox at
Tue Aug 24 22:51:47 CDT 2010

You may not have seen this, but there is a group of "guys like us" 
called Arcattack who have formed a musical/art group using Tesla coils 
and other neat stuff.  They are on the NBC show "America's Got Talent", 
and have been great through three performances.  They claim to be making 
some of their music directly through the arcing from the Tesla coil, as 
in no speakers.

They have a website, with some earlier videos.

And here's a Youtube:
another, long but good:
Yet another:

The last one, he plays a tune using a piece of 2x4, which catches fire, 
then he slides his hand up and down the burning 2x4.  There's plenty 
more as well.

Makes Keith Emerson and ELP (my all-time absolute favorite) seem pedestrian!
Old news?

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