Ethernet SDR Interfacing

wb4jfi wb4jfi at
Sat Sep 11 15:16:10 CDT 2010

  I'm thinking of adding an Ethernet interface capability to the 
Charleston SDR receiver.  This would also allow me to learn Ethernet 
interfacing with some of the newer designs.  I'm looking at the Wiznet 
chips and modules, available from Sparkfun.  They seem to offload all 
the Ethernet and PHY stuff into the chip, allowing the FPGA to 
concentrate on the SDR part.

The specific chip I'm looking at is the Wiz 5300, on a Wiz830 module.  
It appears to be able to run fast enough, and has a fairly simple host 
interface.  I've also found the Wiz200 module, which is a 5300 and small 
Atmel processor to make a small web server.

Another device that I've found is from Digital Shortcut, their DSX50WZ 
for $119.  It includes the 5300 and a small Xilinx 3AN FPGA.  I'm 
thinking the FPGA may be big enough to handle the Charleston processing 

I'm concerned with USB interfacing, and how (at least with Windows) 
everything is getting more restrictive.  Plus, Firewire is not as easy 
to use as it once was.  Using E'net and UDP would move this into a more 
"stable" environment.

Has anybody else played with these Wiznet chips?  And yes, I've already 
thought up many jokes regarding "Wiznet"....

tnx & 73s

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