Ethernet SDR Interfacing

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Have you considered emulating what the USRP2 does, either from a hardware or
software perspective, or both?

<>Mark Ettus makes all of his source and
schematics available, and at least from a gnuradio perspective, the USRP and
USRP2 are the gold standard.  They're expensive as hell (pretty sure you
could build one from parts for about 1/4-1/3 what he charges) but they work.


-Mark KA8I

On Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 4:16 PM, wb4jfi <wb4jfi at> wrote:

>  I'm thinking of adding an Ethernet interface capability to the Charleston
> SDR receiver.  This would also allow me to learn Ethernet interfacing with
> some of the newer designs.  I'm looking at the Wiznet chips and modules,
> available from Sparkfun.  They seem to offload all the Ethernet and PHY
> stuff into the chip, allowing the FPGA to concentrate on the SDR part.
> The specific chip I'm looking at is the Wiz 5300, on a Wiz830 module.  It
> appears to be able to run fast enough, and has a fairly simple host
> interface.  I've also found the Wiz200 module, which is a 5300 and small
> Atmel processor to make a small web server.
> Another device that I've found is from Digital Shortcut, their DSX50WZ for
> $119.  It includes the 5300 and a small Xilinx 3AN FPGA.  I'm thinking the
> FPGA may be big enough to handle the Charleston processing directly.
> I'm concerned with USB interfacing, and how (at least with Windows)
> everything is getting more restrictive.  Plus, Firewire is not as easy to
> use as it once was.  Using E'net and UDP would move this into a more
> "stable" environment.
> Has anybody else played with these Wiznet chips?  And yes, I've already
> thought up many jokes regarding "Wiznet"....
> tnx & 73s
> Terry
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