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> I think the USRP2 project is not for us, at least not for me. Seems VERY
> costly, you get limited applications, and I just do NOT like the looks
> of GNU Radio, at least what I've seen. Sorry. It looks to me like a
> terminal-screen user's idea of a GUI from 1990. I compare it to a
> first-generation copy of Flight Simulator compared to what we see now.
> U-G-L-Y. Even Rocky looks wonderful compared to it. But, call me and I
> will tell you how I really feel. Hi Hi..... I must be missing something???

The USRP{,2}s and GNU Radio are no consumer products. They are R&D 
frameworks with some limited demos IMO. You could see GNU Radio as demo 
framework for USRPs.
Lots of people demonstrated great things with these systems, and they 
are useful for a big spectrum of applications, not only strictly RF. 
There is a group of scientists that use the USRP as a high-speed 
controller for an atom-force microscope. On the other side the USRP2 is 
an integral part of the first operating Open Source GSM network [1]
For sure it's no appliance to turn on and work with.

That said, it's more like a box full with bricks. You have to build your 
house or car out of your skill and imagination. But you can be very 
imaginative with GNU Radio/USRP.

For U-G-L-Y: C is such an ugly language, no such shiny beautifully 
buttons and windows like with Visual Basic. Seems they invented it in 
the 70s and did not manage to build a GUI for it until now! ;->>



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