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Joseph Bento joseph at kirtland.com
Sun Oct 3 10:22:17 CDT 2010

On Oct 3, 2010, at 8:47 AM, Mike O'Dell wrote:

> so are you working for Sprint Wireless (ex Nextel)?

I work for the Utah Transit Authority.  We are installing our own private iDEN / Harmony system that will soon begin operation on Salt Lake's light-rail system, and later be installed on the heavy-rail commuter trains as well as the buses.

We have designed our own radios around the Motorola IO270 modules to incorporate touch screen and data communications, GPS tracking, and PTT operations.  The mountaintop equipment is the standard iBTS from Motorola running 70w diversity at 800mHz.  Three mountaintop systems nicely cover the entire Salt Lake valley as well as a good portion of Utah County.

This system will replace the now 10-year old Tait MPT-1327 system we've been running throughout UTA's fleet.

I visited the Sears tower while on this trip.  Though I was thoroughly impressed by this marvel some 25 years ago, this visit was less spectacular.  The tower just doesn't compare with a 10,000 foot mountaintop repeater overlooking the valley.  One impressive modification to the Sears tower was the new 'ledge.'  Immaculately clean glass boxes that extend 5 feet or so out form the tower, giving the appearance that you're stepping out 1,500 feet above Chicago.

Joe, N6DGY

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