Wimshurst Machine

Richard O'Neill richardoneill at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 3 11:15:31 CDT 2010

" I'm trying to gather information through web sources as to the dangers 
of operating static machines ..."

 Decades ago I knew a very old doctor who had, in his earlier days, used 
a Wimshurst machine to power his newly invented device, an X-Ray tube. 
When I met the doctor he was in his 80's or 90's. What man of medicine 
from that time could resist an easy view of one's innards?

 While an assistant cranked the discs the doctor positioned and held the 
patent still for the exposure. (Slow film and who knows how much 
radiation.) Unfortunately after many years of this the doctor lost most 
of his fingers from radiation damage.
Eventually we learn - if we live long enough.  Have fun with your new toy!


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