Charleston Build #3

Frank Gentges metavox at
Wed Oct 6 13:03:46 CDT 2010

Charleston Builders,

We will do a group build in the next few weeks in Westminster MD at the 
Mason-Dixon hamfest on October 24th.  We will bring the PC boards, 
parts, solder paste.

First we will have a stencil to put solder paste on the boards.

Second, builders will have magnifying glasses, tweezers etc to place 
parts on their boards.  The solder paste remains tacky for 8 hours so 
the boards will hold the parts in place.

Third, we will bring our toaster oven and thermal controller to reflow 
the solder on the boards.

Forth, the builder will use a fine tip soldering iron to place the low 
pass filter, transformer and connectors.

Finally, we will bring a test fixture and computer to check out the 
board for operation.

We still have several boards from previous builds that we have debugged 
so you can pick them up.  We also have several Nexsys II boards that 
have been paid for and can be picked up.

We are also working on a Ubuntu based receiver software package called 
Quisk.  Hopefully, we will have install DVDs that will install a full up 
operating receiver program on a computer starting from a blank hard 
drive.  We should have more information as we make progress on this.

If you have magnifiers, stereo microscopes, fine tip soldering irons 
bring them along.  Also, if you have a computer along the lines of a 2.4 
GHz processor we may be able to try installing quisk on it although we 
may get overloaded trying to handle this while building boards.

If you want to drop by and just see what it is like, drop by.  If you 
worked on previous builds come on over and give us a hand with new 
builders.  Feel free to spread the word to others.

Frank K0BRA

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