Skype Connection for Terry's Presentation

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We should be OK as the library is open until 9 PM.  Terry's presentation
will start at 7:30 PM and should last about an hour to an hour and a


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The Fairfax library system turns off their wireless after hours.  This is
based on previous experience at the Oakton library - the SSID is there, you
get an address, but it is impossible to connect to anything.

You may be able to get this overridden.  Call the library and ask.


"William F. Fenn" <bfenn at> writes:

> Terry and I tested a Skype connection from the Chantilly Regional 
> Library this afternoon and everything worked as advertised.  Since the 
> Oakton library is part of the Fairfax County Library, I expect 
> everything will be the same this coming Thursday.   It would be nice 
> if we could get the Skype address of all Amrad members in the roster.   
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