research question for 12th, 15th and 17th edition of ARRL Antenna Book

Bill Liles lilesw at
Sat Oct 23 09:39:59 CDT 2010

Folks, does anyone have copies of the 12th, 15th and/or the 17 edition of
the ARRL Antenna Book?

I am trying to find out when certain information came into the book and then
left the book.

Question 1.

In the 16th edition (1991) on page 24-13 is Fig. 18 with the caption "This
graph relates the matched-line attenuation loss in dB to the total line loss
and to SWR values at the line input and load. ....."  A similar but slightly
different plot was in the ARRL handbook from 1981 to 1984.

I am trying to find out if this plot is in the 15th and/or the 17th edition
of the ARRL Antenna Book. Any answers?

Question 2.

In the 13th and 14th edition of the ARRL Antenna Book there is a plot with
the title "SWR at input end of transmission line vs. SWR at load end for
various values of matched-line loss."

This is Fig 3-24 in the 13th edition and Fig. 24 in the 14th edition.

Does this figure appear in the 12th and/or the 15th edition?

Thank you.

If anyone wants a JPG copy of the figure, I can send that to them.

Bill, NQ6Z
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