HacDC High Altitude Balloon launch November 6

Martin dcmk1mr2 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 09:48:33 CDT 2010

Thought this would be of interest to some of you.  You're welcome to
participate.  http://wiki.hacdc.org/index.php/HacDC_Spaceblimp_3

We've been developing an Atmel AVR APRS beacon with onboard GPS and
transmitter.  We successfuly flew a homemade single-sided toner transfer smt
board on the last flight.  We plan to make a kit with two sided board and
parts for under $80-$100 when done. We started with a version of WhereAVR
that Vienna Wireless Society had modded.  It's coded in plain C so it should
be easy to port to MSP430 or other favorite uC. It's not well documented as
it's still much in progress.

I'm a new member and have worked in radio over the years but just recently
got my amateur license.  Please excuse any newbie faux pas in advance.


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