New ADC from Analog Devices

Mike O'Dell mo at
Tue Oct 26 19:54:53 CDT 2010

The bright lads at AD have a new ADC, the AD9467,
that does 16-bit conversion at 250MSamples/sec

the spurious-free dynamic range is 100dBF
and the SNR is 76.4dBFS

input amp bandwidth is 300MHz with a 2.5Vp-p input
the gain is programmable so one can trade the various
specs against each other as the design requires

amazingly, this puppy only draws 1.35W (needs 1.8 & 3.3 VDC)

10mm X 10mm 72pin lead-frame chip-scale package

the 250MSample/sec version goes for $120
the 200MSample/sec speed bin goes for $100
(qty 1000 prices as usual)

samples now, volume in November
software, eval boards, etc, as usual from AD

yes, it's a bit pricey, but not dramatically more than what's
in the QS-1R. even better, the price will only go one way
while they work on the next performance bump.

Something like the QS-1R with one of these gets FM Broadcast directly 
Twin interleaved ADCs could get 2m & 220MHz bands without sub-sampling
Quad ADCs could go to 500MHz without sub-sampling

this is starting to get very interesting. (grin)


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