AM Radio Station Musical Chairs

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Mon Nov 1 09:17:36 CDT 2010

We were discussing the changeover of WTNT, 570 to an all sports format 
at tacos on Saturday.  Now, another station is taking up some of the 
programming they had.  It is getting call letters of WTNT on 730 and 
seems to come out of Alexandria VA.  They are running the Laura Ingraham 
show right now.

We discussed the technical quality of the station at 570 at tacos which 
seemed to be on a computer and human intervention was only on a sporadic 
schedule.  For several years, the audio went blank on the last minute of 
each hour.  To a radio station, that is a seriously valuable advertising 
slot that could be used to make money for the station.  Strangely, 
nobody there seems to care.  We will see if the sports format will 
encourage human involvement.

Meanwhile, the 730 station is up and running.  They have a minimal web 
site right now at

A pattern for the station seems to be at

However, this might be something else to treat as a rumor for now.

Frank K0BRA

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