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Now, If you can make a vacuum tube (valve for our British friends) equivalent of the software defined radio...

A couple years ago, I ordered a kit for a digital clock.  What made it unique is it is all discrete components utilizing transistor logic - 194 transistors, 566 diodes, 400 resistors, and 87 capacitors.  You can see this fabulous creation (the kit offering) at  This does make one appreciate what integrated circuits have done for us.

In a Nixie Tube group I subscribe to, someone built a Nixie clock using all vacuum tubes for the logic.  See  Simply amazing!  While I build Nixie and VFD clocks, I'm apt to use a microcontroller or at the minimum TTL chips.  That transistor clock, however, would lend itself nicely to Nixie tubes.  Change the transistors to their high voltage counterparts and run the supply at about 170 volts.  This has apparently already been done, though I haven't seen the builder's description.

Old technology is certainly a lot of fun!  I've determined that it is all but impossible to keep up with the most current developments without specializing.  Therefore, I play with the older stuff for my hobbies and keep abreast of current developments that directly relate to my job.

I subscribe to a magazine called 'Electric Radio.'  Their slogan is 'Real Radios Glow in the Dark.'

Joe, N6DGY

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