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Chip Fetrow chip at
Fri Dec 17 20:54:43 CST 2010

If it is the 6 GHz equipment I think it is (that I donated) it was a  
bit over 10 years ago, maybe close to 15, but it was brand new  
installed MCI equipment.  MCI replaced equipment at Western Union  
sites (I owned MANY) in order to get the fly-swatter reflectors off  
the towers so MCI could re-use some of the spectrum.  Soon after, the  
Air Force decided they no longer needed the dedicated - isolated phone  
system, so everything went surplus.  We needed the microwave stuff out  
of the way, so we gave it away in exchange for it being gone right away.

I don't want that stuff back, BUT, I would be interested in equipment  
racks.  My home network is out of control.


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> Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 07:23:26 -0500
> From: David Rogers <dvrogers at>
> Subject: Equipment Looking for a Home
> We are in the process of packing out for retirement and move to  
> California at the end of next week.  I have some equipment that may  
> be of interest and wanted to offer it to the AMRAD crowd first  
> (sorry, local pick-up only).  While not exhaustive, the list of  
> items includes 6 GHZ equipment from the relay site we dismantled  
> years ago (and which I never got around to modifying), an AMRAD B- 
> Band linear (440?), some antennas, an 6-7-ft 19-inch rack, and  
> miscellaneous stuff, to include some dated test equipment.
> Contact me if anyone has any interest in anything specific.   
> Stipulation is free to good home.  If no takers, metal recycling guy  
> will be coming next week to pick up what remains.
> Dave Rogers
> (703) 862-8706 (cell)

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