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Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 18 17:23:32 CST 2010

Was talking to a couple of the guys during lunch today and wanted to follow up with the links to the APRS projects.

To save money I work in old Midland LMR radios. Cuts down on accecories and programing tools that I had to buy. One of the neat things is, the conversions are the same for any covered band. 2M, 6M, or UHF.

So it was a natural that I use these things as the start point for APRS radios.

I work mostly in two series of radios. 
The older one called Syntech 1 and a more modern series called XTR.

To 'recycle' radios that would normally become expensive trash, I worked out a method of taking 'orphaned' trunk mount radios that lack their control group, and adapt them for single channel data service.

The first trick is to program them and tune them up on the new frequency. Make sure they work in all respects. 

That's normal two way stuff. 

Then convert to data service. Not normal.

These things work very well. If you look up my KA2ZEV-9 it has over 37K recorded transmissions into the system. Each one is a radio turn on, sniff the air for activity, transmission, then a power off until the next commanded turn on. Of all the radios I have done, at the start of the summer there were about 250k recorded events. So this conversion set is solid.

This is the article for converting Syntech 1 (SY1's) to data service.

This is the article for converting XTR series to data service.

The article to modify the control module.
The above works in either type of radio.

The article on making a cheap GPS sensor.

We were also talking about the 6M APRS digi project for Fairfax ARES/RACES

I also know a guy in New York who has made copies of my printed plastic parts out of resin. These are not too expensive and save hours of assembly time. In this case for the XTR and a similar part for SY1's is avalable

If your serious I will get you the contact information.

That's the follow up.

Be well all
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