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Film is not dead yet. It is like some of us 
AMRADers slowly fading away. At some point it 
will go away completely but I think it will take a few more years.

Here is a quick list of film still being made.

Kodak makes
ULTRA MAX 400   Print film
Professional Porta   Print film
Professional Ektar   Print film
Professional Ektachrome   Slide film
Professional T-Max    Black and White
Professional TRI-X    Black and White

Fuijifilm makes
Fuijicolor     Print film
Fuijicolor Superia     Print film
Fuijicolor Superia Reala     Print film
Fuijicolor Nexia     Print film
Fuijicolor Pro     Print film
Fuijicrome Sensia     Slide film
Fuijicrome Velvia     Slide film
Fuijicrome Provia     Slide film
Fuijicrome T64    Slide film

Agfa makes
AgfaPhoto Vista      Print film
AgfaPhoto APS Star     Print film
AgfaPhoto APX Professional     Print film
AgfaPhoto CT precisa     Slide film


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