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Wed Jan 4 12:27:14 CST 2012


We had the AT&T DVR made by Motorola and it lacked many useful features 
and was woefully short on storage space with no option to upgrade it. 
We got rid of the supplied DVR and got genuine Tivo DVRs.  Wow! What a 
difference.  If you have FIOS, think about getting a Tivo and returning 
the supplied DVR to AT&T.

I bought my Factory Renewed Tivo from the factory, changed out the hard 
drive with a 2 TB drive kit from eBay and it all works great.  With 2 TB 
of storage, I can record lots of programs in HD without worrying about 
running out of room.  I can access the recorded programs over my local 
Ethernet network from my computers, watch programs and record them to DVDs.

Now we see that AT&T is going to pay big bucks for patent infringement 
with an inferior unit.  They should have used Tivo to start with.


Frank K0BRA

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