Audio posted from last LPF design tutorial

George Heron N2APB n2apb at
Sun Jan 8 09:16:29 CST 2012

Hi all,

The audio from our LPF Design Tutorial (part 2) on Teamspeak3 this past
Tuesday is now posted ...  We
had a good session then in our ³Chat With The Designers² session, and we¹ll
be continuing this mini-tutorial series one more week.

Hopefully so far you¹ve had a chance to go through the AADE filter design
tool to determine your own filter components ... and maybe even have built
the simple resulting circuit!  If not, this audio recording from our
hour-long session last week will be a good guide for designing your first
Low Pass Filter.

Joe and I settled on his particular design component selection (see the web
page) and we¹ve had a chance now to build and characterize that specific
design ... Interestingly (and thankfully), the empirical results match
pretty closely with the theoretical ones there on the web page!

Discussion of these measurement and plotting techniques this will be the
topic this coming Tuesday¹s session of ³Chat With The Designers², probably
the last installment of this tutorial series.  Sure hope you can join in,
and even participate with us.  It¹s great fun, pretty informative, and you
actually end up with a working design that can applied to some of your other
projects there on the bench.

Plus, we¹ll be talking more about the nifty ³precision RF probe² that we
designed specifically for this project, and applicable to many other
projects there on the bench.  This small board will be coming out shortly as
a kit for those wishing to greatly enhance the RF measurement capabilities
of your homebrewing bench.

So give a listen to our Teamspeak audio recording from last time, give a
shot at doing the step-by-step design of a standard 40m Low Pass Filter, and
put the nine simple parts together on piece of copperclad in order to
measure your results ... It can be an interesting and informative process!

73, George N2APB
    & Joe N2CX

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Subject: [sdr-cube] "Chat With The Designers"  LPF DESIGN SPECS

Coming up to this 7th week of the CWTD live sessions that we conduct on
Teamspeak3, this time we extend the mini-tutorial from the Low Pass Filter
Design Considerations phase covered last week to the Design and Measurement
phase this week. 

For those who would like to actively participate with us during the upcoming
session, our Notes ( lay out the
basic design specification for the Low pass Filter.  The goal is to select
the appropriate components based on those specs and actually build up the
simple circuit in preparation for measurements and characterization.

We'll be doing this ourselves in advance as well, of course, and the
discussion topic will be the step-by-step design process used and the start
of techniques for empirically measuring the results of the design.

Hope to see many of you there with us on Teamspeak on Tuesday at 8pm EST

73, George N2APB & Joe N2CX

PS:  For details of connecting to the Teamspeak3 conferencing server, see

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